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Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide is the material of choice for the hard working man, highly scratch resistant and with a tough masculine edge this range of rings are both roguish and refined. Inlaid with silver, wood or plated these rings are the ultimate in masculine cool.
Tungsten Carbide is a steel colored grey metal. Appreciated for its robustness, tungsten has a similar density to gold and is currently trending in men’s wedding rings. Men tend to favor tungsten wedding rings because, while fashionable, they offer a non-scratch, no-tarnish ring with a long-lasting shine.
Out of all elements, tungsten has the highest melting point. Raw tungsten can be quite brittle, meaning it can crack and be a little tricky to work with – but where there’s a will, there’s a way! In its pure form tungsten maintains its hardness but becomes malleable enough to craft more easily. It still retains its strength, but it becomes soft enough to be cut .
Its durability means it cannot be resized, but it will keep its shape, so make sure your ring fits comfortably before making the purchase.
Tungsten rings can also be set with wood, other metals or gemstones. These types of settings are the height of modern style and sophistication. With its hardness, non-tarnish properties and lustrous shine, tungsten is a popular choice for a ring that will carry special meaning and last a life time.